flamejante asked:
Hello! I love your videos! I need some hair advice. Do you do something special to your hair when you go to sleep? Do you sleep in braids, or in loose bun or something? I move a lot during my sleep, and usually wake up with my hair in a tangle mess! I try to sleep in a loose bun, but don't find it very comfortable, and am scared that this could break my hair. Also, do you wear any natural fragrance? Thank you!

Hi there!! So when I go to bed I always like to wear a protective hairstyle. I will either put it in a braid or I will twist my hair into a bun on top of my head and just secure it with one of those large claw clips at the front. I itty to never wear tight elastics in my hair when sleeping. 

For fragrance I use essential oils and flower essences :) You can make your own oil perfume by adding drops of different essential oils into a carrier oil. Super easy and fun!! xo